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3:01 PM

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together!

Posted by Leigh-Ann |

A-team reference! If only I had a Hannibal-style cigar... Anyway, it's celebration time here at Casa de Heuer because the cabinets have been installed!!! My amazing woodworker of a father-in-law was the brains and installation engineer behind the whole thing, though the rest of us hoisted and un-packaged and generally assisted in our fair share. (I can now take off and reinstall a cabinet door like nobody's business!) It was a long 3 days, but I'm super pleased with the results!

Fridge side
If you recall, this side of the kitchen didn't previously have cabinets (just some awesome pink tile). Now we've got lots of storage! We went with deep drawers instead of door fronts on the base cabinets because I really hate searching through a bunch of jumbled up pots, pans, and mixing bowls in the dark recesses of bottom shelves.

We have a dishwasher!!!

We went with a natural finish on the cherry cabinets so there's lots of beautiful color variations. So pretty! And possibly my favorite new kitchen addition...the dishwasher! So pumped to soon be rid of my dishpan hands.
The granite guy is here templating the countertops, which we should have in a couple of weeks and we've still got to put on some hardware and some painting and backsplash installing to do, but it's aaall coming together! I pity the foo'! (cue theme song)


Anonymous said...

Dad chuckled when I told him I brought back a detailed engineering drawing of the corner bench on a piece of cardboard. We'll get started on design work next week.

Leigh-Ann said...

Hey, for as worn out as you were, I was impressed with that! :-)

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