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Make no mistake, a kitchen remodel is the true test of a marriage! I think we've recovered well from this weekend's subflooring adventure, though we're still pretty sore and groan-y. There were several trips to Lowes, the untimely death of our brand new chalk line reel, and lots of grumpiness and "I can't do this!" declarations (mostly from me) as we worked late into Sunday night, but we managed to escape largely unscathed. Being the newbie fixer-uppers that we are, we were clueless as to just how involved laying cement backer board would be and Kevin now thinks that the backer board folks are in cahoots with the screw manufacturers! (We counted 49 screws per a full panel.) But, it looks pretty good so far. We have a little more taping and mortaring to do this evening and then we can lay the actual tile!!

Pretty professional looking, no? Check out the new drywall under the window...we did that too!
I have to admit, even though this experience was pretty overwhelming at times, I'm still really encouraged and looking forward to laying the tile ourselves. It's amazing the perspective you get with a day of rest. We've also put a deposit down on a couple slabs of beautiful granite for the countertops. Man, I can't wait to see it all come together. Mostly, I can't wait to show it off!


Carrie said...

Looks like a great start. It's so satisfying doing it yourself. We did our first tiling job in one of our bathrooms earlier this year, now I take everyone up there to see it :-)

Leigh-Ann said...

It's amazingly satisfying today, but by the end of Sunday night, I was too tired to even enjoy the job we'd done. Haha. It's great though. I can't wait to have an awesome kitchen. I'm already dreaming of the first meal I'm gonna cook up.

Mish @ BrickandBrack said...

Hi Leigh-Ann! I have been trying to leave you comments but apparently I have to do it through Safari and not Firefox - weird. But wanted to say I am very impressed with your work and it's so nice to see other people tackling the same projects as us. I have added you to our rss feed and will be following your projects!

Leigh-Ann said...

Thanks Mish! You guys are doing some great work over there too! Don't you just love the projects?? Sorry you had a hard time commenting. I'm going to play around with my layout a bit and see if I can fix that. Thanks again!

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