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7:53 AM

Light My Fire

Posted by Leigh-Ann |

Well, between work and life and such, we are slowly getting things moved back into the kitchen. We've run a few loads through the new dishwasher (which we installed ourselves!! Go us!) and I can already feel my blood pressure dropping. Making dinner won't be such a chore anymore! YAY!

We are still, however, in need of a cool light fixture to put over our sink. Our electrician installed a bare light bulb for us the last time he was here, just so we could use the thing, and we've found ourselves kind of liking the austereness of it. Still, we need something a liiiittle bit prettier. Anyway, this wordy little post is really just so I can show you all something awesome I found during The Great Kitchen Lighting Hunt. I was trolling Etsy and discovered this little beauty in woofwoof's shop.

I am SO in love with this chandelier! It's just so perfect for the kitchen (though, tragically, not mine). We don't have a place for a chandelier, but I just had to share this with the world. I may have to snag one of the Colander Pendants for our window.


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